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Principal of british primary school abu dhabi - Barbara Heaton


Barbara Heaton

A very warm welcome to Pearl British Academy – the best British primary school in Abu Dhabi.

Our vibrant school is proud of its family feel where our children are at the very heart of everything we do. It is somewhere where everyone has a place and belongs, somewhere where we work together, in partnership, to ‘nurture adaptable, creative future leaders in our high performing learning community’. As an inclusive British primary school located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, our curriculum and wide-ranging extra- curricular activities are firmly grounded in our school Values of Empathy, Agility and Hard Work. We highly value collaboration and social responsibility; creativity and risk-taking; practice and resilience. 

At Pearl British Academy, individuality is of the essence, diversity enriches and the ability to think creatively is our future. We recognise that the skills needed in life are ever-changing and we are proud to work with our students to fill their tool-box of skills with experiences and opportunities to enable them to realise their potential both academically and as an individual.

With Pearl British Academy being accredited and awarded the status of a High Performance Learning School, we develop learning through creative learning opportunities actively teaching children through the identified cognitive domains and values needed for lifelong success. We have a growth mindset at Pearl British Academy; we believe that we can develop through dedication and hard work - brains and talent are just the starting point!

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Year Group School Fees Per Annum (in AED)* Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Registration Fee
FS1 43,340 17,336 13,002 13,002 2,000
FS2 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000
Year 1 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000
Year 2 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000
Year 3 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000
Year 4 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000
Year 5 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000
Year 6 44,850 17,940 13,455 13,455 2,000

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* Tuition Fees do not include uniform, food services, transport, examination fees or extra-curricular activities outside school hours.




We are an Outstanding BSO and an outstanding ADEK rated School in Abu Dhabi. We provide an enriched and exciting enquiry curriculum. In 2019-20, we were delighted to receive a rating of Outstanding across all performance standards from Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK).

We are also extremely proud to have been accredited with the High Performance Learning Award, making us the first school in Abu Dhabi city to achieve this accreditation. 

In addition to our focus on academic excellence, we are proud to offer a wide range of extracurricular activities and A-league competitive sports. Our Academy values, as well as the pastoral and personal development opportunities, ensure our students thrive socially and emotionally in addition to understanding their responsibilities.

We want our students to adopt a creative and imaginative approach to their academic work and their view of the world around them, equipping them to be innovative and intelligent contributors to their communities and countries. We want our students to be passionate about their learning and their future. As the leaders of tomorrow, they will be able to think, learn and contribute fully to their chosen pathways.


Our students receive priority placement in any of our secondary schools and we begin discussing this transition and visiting these schools early on. By joining the Aldar Academies family of schools, you are assured the same exceptional teaching standards and techniques that are delivered across our academies, whilst being able to choose the right curriculum, location and learning environment for your child from ages 2 to 18.


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